Norwegian Refugee Council gazete ilanı

NORWEGIAN REFUGEE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT FOR TENDER REFERENCE The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) submit bids to supply Family Tents, Non-Food operations in the Middle East. NRC are agreements with a likely value in excessive ITEM KITS a HYGIENE KITS invite competent companies to Kits and Hygiene Kits to their into fixed rate, 2-year framework million per year. NRC COUNCIL TENIS, NON-FOOD tt: ITB-MER0-2019-0001 would Ilke to Item (NFI) lookingto enter of USD $2 LOT I: LOT NAME DESCRIPTION 1 FAMILY TENTS PROVISION AND DELIVERY OF HIGH QUALITY FAMILY TENTS 2 HYGIENE KITS PROVISION AND DELIVERY OF TWO TYPES OF HYGIENE KIT 3 N ON-FOOD ITEMS (NFI) KITS PROVISION AND DELIVERY OF N ON-FOOD rTEMS KITS (TARPAULIN, BLANKETS, SOLAR LAMP, JERRY CAN, FLOOR MAT & SOLAR LIGHT) NRC may award each lot to a different several or all lots. Essential criteria for bidders: previous or United supplier. Bidders experience organisations, Nations agencies bidding documents the deadline without any explanation, in that respect can submit an offer for one, delivering the items specified in at national or International in the Middle East by e-mailing, Interested companies should have least one of these lots to International non-governmental organisations Collection of tender documents: Prospective bidders must request the quoting the tender reference number ‘ITB-MER0-2019-00011 must submit the following details: 1. Company name 2. Primary business address 3. Country of registration Bids must be submitted by e-mail before NRC reserves the right to select/reject may deem necessary. No liability or claim whatsoever. Companies registering interest at 09:00 on Monday 15 July 2019 any bids, in part or fult as it would be admissible or entertained